Prospects in Television Jobs

Working in the media industry of print, radio, and television broadcast continually appeals to many. Young people are most especially drawn to the fast-paced, creative, and constantly evolving world of the only industry that can singularly control global connectivity. Television jobs while in demand nowadays still trigger fierce competition among rival networks for the best talents who can work within or at the forefront of production for television programs.

The long hours, perfect but fast-paced execution required in television production jobs is a common practice. Additionally, everyone’s tasks and responsibilities need to be well-coordinated in most productions. This is most evident in news productions where the news analysts, otherwise known as newscasters or news anchors, interpret and broadcast the information gathered and prepared by news reporters or correspondents from various information sources.

Similar to print and radio broadcast, a television network prefers to hire people with a bachelor’s degree in mass communications or journalism coupled with experience like internships in media organizations or at school publications where the fundamentals of media work like news gathering, news writing or reporting, and editing are learned and pressures in meeting deadlines are first experienced.

There are many television jobs open for applicants who are eager to join the industry. Newscasters, news reporters, correspondents, news directors, technical engineers, production assistants, cameramen, producers, promotion producers, script supervisors, are some of the most common and exciting jobs in a television network. While the competition for the best applicants is common among large broadcast stations in big metropolitan areas, better hiring opportunities are seen in smaller broadcast stations or television networks.

A result from a 2008 research conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that television reporter jobs accounted for only 5.71 percent or 7,100 of the total 124,900 of all television jobs. By 2018, it is projected to increase slightly to 5.97 percent or 8,000 out of 134,800. The majority of these occupations belong to the production teams, which include the technical people who go on rotation when the network works on a 24-hour run.

lg smart tv 43 inch 4k Working for television not only requires dedication but also the need to consistently project integrity especially for the news reporters, correspondents, and news anchors who are at the forefront of every network’s news program. In a society where these personalities are trusted and respected for their kind of job, it is expected that their private actions in public are also seen as an extension of their television personalities. Not surprisingly, many young people are interested in television reporter jobs where adventure, learning, and celebrity status almost always come together.

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